Tea: the silent poetry of nature in a teapot.

Kebirigo Tea Factory is located in Kebirigo Sub-location, 36 km from Kisii town. The factory serves the West Mugirango, North Mugirango, and West Kitutu constituencies.

current payment per kilo Ksh 21.00

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Our Mission

“Crafting Memories, Blending Tomorrow: Our Mission Echoes, Our Vision Resonates in Every Pour.”

Our Vision

“Tea Beyond Boundaries: Where Bold Vision Ignites Unmatched Flavor.”

Our company profile

Commissioned in 1971 to manufacture black CTC tea. Annual installed processing capacity of 8 million Kgs of has been enhanced and is currently at 15 million Kgs annually. Plans are underway to have the capacity enhanced and improve tea production.


The factory is located in Kebirigo sub-location, Bonyamatuta Masaba location, Nyamira division, West Mugirango constituency, Nyamira District. The distance from Nairobi is 350 Km.

Our Products
Black CTC Tea

Black CTC Tea

Black CTC tea: Bold, robust, and quick-brewing black tea with a rich, malty flavor, known for its unique crush, tear, and curl processing method. Energizing and full-bodied.

Embark on a


of excellence

with Kebirigo Factory.

Consistent Output


Precision is our mantra. From lush gardens to skilled hands, expect a unwavering quality in every brew.

Smooth Operations

smooth operations

From cultivation to crafting, our commitment guarantees a harmonious journey from plantation to your teacup.

Cost Reduction


We embrace innovation to streamline processes and trim costs without compromising the essence of our exceptional teas.

Our Impact


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Dependants supported


Tea Plants

Special Projects

Hydro-power project undertaken jointly with other factories in the zone

Corporate Social Responsibility

The factory has established avocadoes seedlings through fair-trade resilience support.

Our Certifications
iso quality management
rainforest alliance
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